30 Day Online Weight Loss Program 


I am so excited you have decided to make this weight-loss journey with me.

You will be receiving daily emails for the next 30 days that focus on:
  • our lifestyle
  • our behaviors
  • our emotional, mental, and physical relationship to food
  • our triggers and mental cues to eat (even when we are not hungry)
And, ways to change all of these factors that are holding us back from weight-loss, health, and happiness.

In addition to the daily emails, you will have personal projects (or homework, if you will) that help you self-evaluate and learn more about your own relationship with food, why you have not been successful with long-term weight loss in the past, and how you can make the changes stick this time around. 

The mini assignments each day are fun and challenging. I think you will look forward to them!

You also will receive:
  • A meal plan that gives you specific instructions on how to portion out your macronutrients and calories. You will be pleasantly surprised at the simplicity of it all!
  • Group forums that offer support, encouragement, and tips.
  • Videos, text, calls, and emails from me personally to give you one-on-one guidance during your 30 days.
  • Tools to guarantee weight loss maintenance long after you've shed those pounds.
This is a great offer. 

You are getting all of that and more for 30 days with the option of continuing in the weight-loss program week-to-week if you so wish once your 30 days are complete. 

Please fill out the info below and rest assured: the information will not be used to solicit or sold to a third party. Your stuff is confidential with me!

Once you have enrolled, you will receive a PayPal invoice and the daily tutorials will begin! 
***Be sure you have added to your contacts so that the emails do not get send to your spam or trash.


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